SC FTP and Download Manager

SC FTP and Download Manager 7.2

SoftwareClub FTP Server includes the FTP server and the Download Manager,
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SoftwareClub FTP Server is an application that includes the FTP server application and the Download Manager program. Both are interconnected for allowing the user to safely and easily operate transferring programs to and from local PC and the FTP server (web). Both use multithread technology for making safe and faster the up and down loads transfers.

Good for both experts and beginners with many options and features that allows easy file transfers.

The application supports drag and drop operations, so users can place files directly on the transfer lists and decide which transfers to be performed. Same facility is ready on the Download Manager.

The program will resume interrupted transfers as soon as they availabe, exactly at the same point they were broken.

For MS Internet Explorer 4+ or Netscape, the application inserts itself by downloading plug-ins into the user browser, for extending downloading and resuming capabilities.

Before transferring hugh files, the application allows user to split those files into segments for obtaining faster downloading processes.

The application also supports Proxy and Firewall, as well as directories synchronization for keeping files up to date, regarding only those that are been changed and avoiding to manually transfer all of them.

All the deletions are directed to the Recycle bin, so they can be recovered anytime.

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